Disneyland Introduces A New Treat: Churro Marshmallow Wands!

By Rachel Damelio

November 12, 2019

It's a marshmallow world at Disneyland this season!

It doesn't get more magical than this! We can always count on Disneyland for a new treat, especially when the Holidays arrive.

We're pretty sure they announce something new each week leading up to Christmas and that just makes it better for us! Right now, visitors are going crazy over this new treat! It's the first ever Churro Marshmallow Wand!

It's exactly what you are imagining right now. It has a marshmallowy center, dipped in caramel & white chocolate then sprinkled with a crumbled coating of Churro Toffee!

Yum! Sounds pretty good if you ask me. What is better than caramel, marshmallows and churro toffee combined into one sweet treat?! Only Disneyland would come up with something delish that has all three of these ingredients.

The treat is made at Trolley Treats & Candy Palace but visitors were finding it at Marceline's Confectionery. So if your at the park, make sure you head over to get yours since they've been selling out fast.

Right now they are selling for $5.49!

Are you going to give this treat a try?!

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