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Carrie Underwood once again hosted this year's CMA Awards in Nashville along with Brad Paisley. In addition to hosting the show, she also performed her hit single "Smoke Break" from her brand new album Storyteller. And as every year Carrie spends at the CMAs, she mad multiple wardrobe changes throughout the night -- 12 to be exact.

As per usual, Carrie looked flawless in every one of her outfits -- in fact the Country star is looking as incredible as ever. And this woman just had a baby eight months ago?! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET, CARRIE?!? 

Let's take a look at ten of our favorite ensembles from Carrie's CMA Awards fashion this year:

1. Orange you glad she wore this dress?

The answer is YES because Carrie totally OWNED the red carpet in this coral ensemble. 

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2. Princess Leia

If they ever needed to recast this role for any more Star Wars movies, it's pretty obvious who they should reach out to. Hint: Her name rhymes with Parrie Lunderwood.

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3. Pretty In Pink

This is exactly what Barbie looks like in real life. #GOALS

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Getty Images

4. Fabulous Fringe 

"Smoke Break"? How about SMOKE SHOW. Because that is what Carrie is in this amazing fringe dress and over-the-knee leather boots.

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Getty Images

5. Belle of the Ball Gown

This dress is the impeccable combination gorgeous print and perfect silhouette. On a related note -- WHERE DID YOU GET THIS DRESS, CARRIE?! MY CREDIT CARD READY, TAKE MY MONEY.

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Getty Images

6. Deep Blue Sea

Do you know anyone who can pull off what looks like the ocean on their dress? Yes, you do, and it's Carrie Underwood.

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Splash News

7. Color Block Cutie

Leave it to Carrie to to pull of any fashion trend ... including color blocking (in sequins, might we add).

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Getty Images

8. Midnight in Nashville

This textured, two-toned, midnight blue/black high-low dress is EVERYTHING.

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Splash News

9. Little Miss Sunshine

It might be practically winter right now, but does anyone else miss the summer after seeing Carrie in this sparkly yellow dress?!

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Splash News

10. Keeping it Neutral

One of the amazing things about Carrie is she can wear a bright color like yellow (above), and switch to something completely neutral like this dress (below) -- designed by season five "Project Runway" winner Leanne Marshall -- and still look awesome! She can wear any color ... almost like a chameleon! (Carrimeleon?)

Carrie UnderwoodPhoto: Splash News