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Today, December 12th, 2015, the legendary Frank Sinatra would have turned 100 years old. The music icon was born on December 12th, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey, and grew up to leave a lasting legacy and influence over music across all genres.

Frank and his incredible timeless music have influenced many different artists over the years, whether it's been in style, story-telling, lyrics, or even simply other artists covering his music; Ol' Blue Eyes has left his mark in more ways than one on a number of different people.

In honor of Frank's 100th birthday, iHeartRadio is paying tribute to him with all of his music this weekend on The Standard Radio. That's all Sinatra, all weekend long.

We also asked a number of artists from Charlie Puth to Billy Gibbons about how Frank has influenced them, their music, and music in general (which you can also hear while listening to The Standard Radio this weekend), and each of their answers is a testament to the tremendous impact Sinatra has left, even to this day. Check it out below:


"Before Mr. Crosby's death in 1977, he was being interviewed on television, and someone asked him 'What is it about your friend, Sinatra, that keeps him so enduring?' And Bing Crosby came up with a wonderful answer. He thought for a moment, and he said, 'Frank is the only one of us who seems to get through to all age groups.'"


"Everybody knows this record, but 'My Way,' written by him and Paul Anka, [is] just one of the best records of all time, and shows that simplicity can make such an impact on culture, and through the message and everything. All of his records are brilliant, but that one will always give me chills forever, and ever, and ever."



"Frank Sinatra is one of those artists that I feel like everybody knows. They have no idea how much stuff they know by him, because it's just been around. Like for me, it's just been around my whole life. It’s been used in commercials, other people have covered his stuff. I don't realize how much probably of a library in my head of Frank Sinatra because he transcends that many different kinds of music. So I'm a total fan of Frank Sinatra and his beautiful voice, it's like silk. Absolutely beautiful. And I seriously doubt there are any artists that are around today wasn't in some way influenced by his music."


"As you know, Frank walked into the Capitol Records building, stand in front of Nelson Riddle with those great arrangements, he’d sing a song, and turn around, and that's all it took."


"Frank Sinatra is someone that I used to listen to. Especially as a kid, there was so much current music going on. It was always pop music, radio music, and once I discovered this old school sound, like Frank Sinatra, I just fell in love with his music and his voice. And I just didn't realize music could sound like that, and sound so pure and so beautiful. I think he had amazing, amazing talent. When you would watch him sing on stage, it was so effortless and amazing, he would make everyone swoon, all the girls just swoon over him, and he was so handsome. He had this charisma on stage that every performer, I think, dreams of having. His voice is incredible, and I think my favorite song of his is probably 'I've Got A Crush On You,' because it's really, really cool and romantic."

Frank SInatra


"There's been no one that I've learned more from in music than Frank Sinatra. Even when I'm singing on my Country songs, and doing my thing, I'm thinking about how he phrases the words in his songs, and each phrase meant something, and I believed every word. And at the same time, he seemed like the coolest dude on the planet. I was singing his music when I was 13/14 years old, and all my friends were listening to Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, or whatever was on the radio at the time. And I was listening to everything too, but I mean, when my grandpa was listening to Frank Sinatra, that seemed cool with me. So I started singing it. And I fell in love with his music, and always said that if I can be fresh and as cool as that guy, then I’d be alright with that."


"You [FRANK] have been an influence on so many artists. You left such an amazing footprint, and it is a blueprint that many of us follow, as singers, learning how to phrase things, learning how to communicate a story. I've had some great conversations about your music with Bob Dylan actually. I know he's a huge fan and studied your phrasing. And I've been surprised by how many people that you wouldn't think studied you and your phrasing, [like] Merle Haggard for instance. You can actually hear it in Merle's phrasing that he studied jazz and a lot of the Standards."


"The greatest male voice of all time, in my opinion. Why do i say that? Well, of course, some will see it as a ridiculous statement. After all, it is subjective. If song-writing and singing is all about story-telling, if it is all about trying to transport the listener and the viewer into a magical place, trying to get them to suspend their reality, their belief, and to see the world that you’re trying to create. If that is what it’s about, there were none greater than the great Frank Sinatra." He adds, "To me he embodies the concept of great timing. His timing is formidable. His voice -- one of the richest tenors of all time, if not the richest tenor."

Frank Sinatra


"Frank Sinatra's influenced me in many ways. I think for me, his voice was amazing obviously, but it was his character more than anything. Like one of my favorite songs, 'Come Fly With Me,' it had such an essence to it. And actually, one of my favorite artists, one of my biggest inspirations is Billie Holiday. He was such a lover and an encourager of other musicians around him, and they actually had a very, very, very close relationship, which a lot of people don’t know about. So there's a lot about him, just this effervescence, just this charisma about him. You know, he's kind of like the mayor. And I just loved the music he would put out, the sound of his voice, and just the way he supported other artists around him. There was so much about him that was just ground-breaking."


"Me and my wife actually got engaged to 'The Way You Look Tonight.' That was our first dance at our wedding. Frank has been a huge [inspiration] … Even though my music sounds nothing like Frank, because frankly I can’t sing like Frank at all. But I do love it, and he just brings such a mood to every sort of scenario, especially to the romantic side of things."


"I love a lot of Frank's songs. I think his vocal melodies really influenced a lot of modern music. And it's sort of reminiscent of also maybe like Samba or something like Bossa Nova type stuff. But my favorite one is called 'Something Stupid,' the duet he did with his daughter. And I totally ripped off that vocal melody in one of my songs one time. And it also calls love 'stupid' so that’s cool, I like that too."

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