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(NEWSER) – People who were single and unhappy about it on Valentine's Day might be cheered by the story of Emma Morano, who has been single for the last 77 Valentine's Days and says it has helped her to live to the age of 115. The Italian, believed to be the oldest living European and the 5th oldest person in the world, says she remained single after her first marriage ended in 1938.

The New York Times reports she has kept up a doctor's long-ago recommendation to eat three raw eggs a day (since reduced to two), which makes for a tally of around 100,000 eggs over her long life. In a 2013 interview with La Stampatranslated by she expounded upon her food habits: "For breakfast I eat biscuits with milk or water." Then come the eggs, followed by "pasta and minced meat ... for dinner, I'll have just a glass of milk."

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