Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato took over the iHeartRadio Twitter account for our #TwitterTuesday Takeover, where she answered questions from her Lovatics from all over the world (along with her cute puppy Batman)! During the takeover, we learned a lot about Demi, including what her favorite song off of her new album is, her favorite TV Show, Batman's super canine attire, and more.

Demi's latest album Confident is set to be released this Friday, October 16th, and includes singles "Cool For The Summer," and the title track "Confident." 

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Here are 13 things we learned from Demi Lovato's iHeartRadio #TwitterTuesday Takeover: 


1. The one word that describes her best right now just happens to be the name of her current single AND new album: CONFIDENT. 


2. Speaking of her album, she's REALLY, REALLY excited about it! 

3. In fact, she loves her new single "Confident" so much, she can't wait to perform it live.


4. The most personal song on her new album is "Father."

5. But her favorite song on the new album is "Stone Cold," and it's the song that shows off her voice the best.

6. And it sounds like her tour is going to be AWESOME.


7. Her puppy Batman is seriously so cute. SO. SO. CUTE.

8. And he has his own puppy-sized Batman cape.

9. While we're on the subject of costumes, Demi is taking suggestions for her Halloween attire this year.

10. Her favorite song right now is "Levels" by Nick Jonas.

11. She remembers everything.

12. Her favorite TV show is "From Dusk Til Dawn."

13. She appreciates all types of fan art.

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