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It's officially 2016, and with so many awesome albums set to come out this year, we're taking a look back on what the world looked like 16 years ago -- back to the year 2000 AKA The New Millennium -- and  remembering the albums released that year (16 of them anyway).

There were many albums released in 2000 that are turning Sweet 16 this year. From Britney Spears to *NSYNC to Linkin Park, we'd throw them all a Super Sweet 16 if we could, but for now we'll just remember and celebrate all of this music from the year 2000.

Take a look at 16 albums that are turning 16 in 2016:

1. Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again

Britney Spears

Ah, yes. Britney's sophomore studio album featuring the amazing single of the same name. That red latex outfit is burned in your brain forever (as it should be). But this album yielded more than just that. Let's not forget about "Stronger," "Lucky," "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know," and her cover of Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." 

2. *NSYNC - No Strings Attached

This is, without a doubt, one of the best *NSYNC albums. And if you were a fan during this time, you definitely voted for "Bye Bye Bye" on TRL everyday. And learned the choreography while watching the show after school. Or perhaps you were enamored with their music video for the second single off of this album "It's Gonna Be Me." You know, the one where they are dolls in a toy store? How about when "This I Promise You" made you cry and you vowed it would be your wedding song? And of course, this album gave us your anthem (still to this day) for when you get your paycheck, "Just Got Paid." Either way, No Strings Attached is in your heart forever.

3.  Backstreet Boys - Black and Blue

Backstreet Boys

Even 16 years ago, Max Martin was still crushing it, writing and producing several songs on BSB's Black and Blue album -- like "Shape of my Heart" and "The Call." This album also features the slower "More Than That," and you wished Nick Carter would personally serenade you with it.  

4. P!nk - Can't Take Me HomePink

Remember when P!nk actually had bright Pink hair? It was during this time -- her debut album. What's interesting about this album (if you've never heard it before) is it has an R&B sound to it, which is not the kind of music that the P!nk we all know and love releases today (the more pop/rock vibe). But we can't ignore this album because we know you sang along to "You Make Me Sick" on the radio. Can't Take Me Home also gave us her debut single, "There You Go."

5. Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You

Mandy Moore

Aw, Mandy Moore. If you didn't want to be Mandy Moore in 2000 with her sweet face and blonde hair, you're playing yourself. I Wanna Be With You is Mandy's sophomore album, and by this time we had already heard and fell in love with "Candy," but we got an awesome "Candy" remix on her second album. Also on this album is the title track, which you secretly sang to a picture of your crush everyday after school. Or while vigilantly watching their AIM activity. 

6. Nelly - Country Grammar 


Nelly's debut album, ladies and gents! This is the album that gifted society with such heavenly sonic treasures as the title track "Country Grammar (Hot Sh**)," "Ride with Me," and "E.I.," which you still love singing along to in 2016. Classics, those tunes. 

7. Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte

THE MADDEN BROTHERS! Remember that half pink hair 'do? No? Maybe you'll remember rocking out to "Little Things." Or how about when you felt so EMO while listening to "The Motivation Proclamation"? They both came from this album -- Good Charlotte's debut. 

8. 98 Degrees - Revelation

98 Degrees

This was the third studio album from Nicki and Drew Lachey & crew. The two biggest songs were: the sizzling "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" and the song that melts your soul to this day, "My Everything". 

9. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory 

Linkin Park

WHAT. AN. ALBUM. This record produced so many amazing songs from Linkin Park -- the classic ones you still remember to this day -- starting with the lead single "One Step Closer," then followed by "Crawling," "Papercut," and "In The End" respectively. These were all the songs you belted out in the car. 

10. Spice Girls - Forever

Spice Girls

This was Spice Girls' only album without Ginger Spice AKA Geri Halliwell AKA that time you cried all the tears. This was also their last studio album featuring singles like "Holler" and "Let Love Lead The Way," and of course the song that made you the most emotional "Goodbye." Like the song says, "So glad we made it/time will never change it no, no, no." 

11. No Doubt - Return of Saturn

screen shot 2015 12 28 at 5

Gwen Stefani was always such a fashionista, even in 2000. Check out that maxi skirt and spaghetti strap tank top she's rocking on this cover! And her pink hair. No Doubt's fourth studio album gave us the up-tempo rock anthem "Ex-Girlfriend," as well as the awesome "Simple Kind of Life."

12. Hanson - This Time Around


Yes, 2000 was the year your favorite trio of brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma released their second studio album. You were just getting over "MMMBop" at this time (probably not), and Isaac, Taylor, and Zack were back with a whole album's worth of new music, including "If Only," and the record's title track.

13. Coldplay - Parachutes 


Parachutes was the beginning of your Coldplay love affair. It was the band's debut album, and features songs that Chris Martin & crew still play in their sets today. Because you can never get enough of "Yellow" and "Trouble."  

14. Shaggy - Hot Shot


Sure, you love singing along to Shaggy's "Angel," "Luv Me Luv Me," and you DEFINITELY still apply "It Wasn't Me" to your real life situations today. But you owe it all to this album from 2000, because those songs all came from here. And Hot Shot is Shaggy's FIFTH studio album. 

15. Lil Bow Wow - Beware of Dog

Lil Bow Wow

Well, would you just look at this little Shad Moss on the cover?! Such a cutie, even then. Lil Bow Wow (as known as back then) was only 13 years old when he released this album, which was his debut. You will definitely remember this record for songs like "Bow Wow (That's My Name)," "Bounce With Me," and (of course) "Puppy Love." 

16. Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

Limp Bizkit

Well, the cover art is true to the title, that's for sure. But this album, Limp Bizkit's third, was actually listed in musical reference book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The album featured singles like "Rollin" and "My Way," among others. Both songs you definitely watched the music videos for, featuring Fred Durst and his backwards baseball caps, on TRL after school.