Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor took over the iHeartRadio Twitter account for our #TwitterTuesday Takeover, where she answered questions from her fans Megatronz from all over the world! Meghan is currently on her "M Train Tour" in support of her debut studio album Title, which was released earlier this year. But during her Takeover, we learned a lot about one of our favorite blondies -- other than the fact that we are all about her!

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Here are 17 things we learned from Meghan Trainor's iHeartRadio #TwitterTuesday Takeover:  


1. Blondes have more fun. 

2. She wrote a song with Harry Styles called "Someday Maybe." And "someday maybe" all the Megatronz and Directioners out there will hear it!

3. She's just downright adorable.

4. Her favorite Britney Spears song is "Lucky." 

5. She thinks about EVERYONE and their mammas when writing a song. 

6. She's a daddy's girl.

Meghan TrainorPhoto: Getty Images

7. She loves her Megatronz. 

8. Like, really, REALLY loves her Megatronz. 

Meghan TrainorPhoto: Getty Images

9. And she loves meeting all of her Megatronz.

MegatronzPhoto: Getty Images

10. Frank Sinatra = LEGEND.


12. She believes Kesha is a genius.

13. She is totes a #KatyCat.

14. She is also a #Directioner, and is digging their new song "Drag Me Down."

15. Her favorite song off of her album is her collab with John Legend.

Meghan Trainor, John LegendPhoto: Getty Images

16. She loves shaking it to LunchMoney Lewis' "Bills." 

Photo: YouTube

17. She loves when her music inspires people.

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