Nick Carter

Nick Carter took over the iHeartRadio Twitter account for our #TwitterTuesday Takeover, where he answered questions from his fans from all over the world. Nick has a brand new single out called "I Will Wait," which is off of his upcoming solo album All American

During the Takeover, Nick revealed that on his new album is a collaboration with Avril Lavigne called "Get Over Me." He tells iHeartRadio exclusively:

"I talked to Avril about doing a collab together, and we became friends -- we were on tour together with the Backstreet Boys. She was into the idea, and she really liked it. She liked the song that I had written, and she put her vocals on the song, and it was really cool." 

Nick also told us what the song is all about. He tell us: 

"It's a really fun play on a couple. It's like a crazy stalker guy, but then i'm calling her a crazy stalker girl. And we're saying, 'You need to get over me,' and then she's like,'No, you need to get over me.' We're giving our own stories of the situation that had gone down in the song."

Here are 18 things we learned from Nick Carter's iHeartRadio #TwitterTuesday Takeover: 


1. He has a new collaboration with Avril Lavigne coming out on his new solo album. 

2. He's pretty great at taking selfies.

3. Out of all of the choreography he's learned over the years, the moves to "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" took a while to perfect.

nick carter

4. He was hesitant to join the cast of "Dancing With The Stars" at first ... until he talked to Joey Fatone!

Nick Carter, Joey Fatone
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5. And he's super thankful for his awesome partner Sharna Burgess.

6. But his favorite part of being on the show is all of the people he's met.

7. Being on the show makes him feel like this...

8. And his favorite dance was his disco-inspired '70s choreography.

Nick Carter

9. The Backstreet Boys Cruise 2016 is going to be the best one ever.

10. But shhhhh...


11. The best moments of being in the Backstreet Boys involves the fans.

12. Speaking of Backstreet Boys, he's totally open to doing an acoustic BSB album.

13. This is his favorite meme. He loves it.

14. He's very grateful for all of the love on his new solo single "I Will Wait."

nick carter i will wait 2015 1500x1500

15. And not only is he doing a solo tour next year for his solo album All American -- he'll be with the rest of the guys on another Backstreet Boys tour!!!

16. The last movie he saw was Jurassic World. He gives it two thumbs up.

17. If he could spend ten minutes with someone, dead or alive, here's who he'd pick:

18. He's open about his insecurities. 

FYI, Nick you always look AMAZING. 😍

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