(NEWSER) – Do you rarely disconnect from the web? You're not alone. A Pew survey of 2,001 American adults shows 21% who use the Internet do so "almost constantly," reports NBC News. The figure is much higher among younger generations—36% of people 18 to 29 and 28% of those 30 to 49—but offset by low figures among those 50 and up.

Just 6% of respondents over 65 said they rarely disconnect from the web, according to the survey conducted in June and July. Almost three-quarters of all respondents said they go online daily, including 42% who do so "several times a day." Just one in 10 said they go online only about once a day, 13% said they surf several times a week or less, and 13% said they avoid the Internet completely, per Smithsonian and Tech Times. Usage was about the same among men and women.

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