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(NEWSER) – "I can't breathe!"—the exclamation made by Eric Garner while in a police chokehold—was chosen as the most notable quote of the year in an annual list released by a Yale University librarian. It was one of several quotes chosen for the list that reflect tumult over race in America in 2014.

Fred Shapiro, an associate director at Yale Law School's library, said he had already completed the list without Garner's quote but revised it as protests grew following a grand jury's decision last week to not indict a white officer in his death. "These are not necessarily quotes I agree with or quotes I think are eloquent or admirable," Shapiro said, but rather those that reflect the spirit of the times. The rest:

    1. "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee."—Bridget Anne Kelly, aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Jan. 9.
    2. "Hands up! Don't shoot!"—Demonstrators protesting the death of Michael Brown, Ferguson, Mo., August.
    3. "Mr. Commissioner, we found out by one phone call. You guys have a whole legal department. Can you explain that?"—TMZ reporter Adam Glyn questioning Roger Goodell on the NFL's inability to view video of the Ray Rice incident, Sept. 19.

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