Sia took over the iHeartRadio Twitter account for our #TwitterTuesday Takeover, where she answered questions from her fans from all over the world. 

Sia is getting ready to release her new album This Is Acting on January 29th, which is the follow-up to 2014's 1000 Forms of Fear and includes songs that she's written for other people who didn't end up using them - hence the album title This Is Acting. This Is Acting includes her single "Alive."

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During her iHeartRadio Twitter Tuesday Takeover, we learned a lot about Sia including what she'd be doing if she wasn't making music, who she really wants to work with that she hasn't yet, a little more about her previous music, and more.

Here are 21 things we learned from Sia's iHeartRadio #TwitterTuesday Takeover: 


1. It's been a long road for Sia to get where she is now.

2. When she's stressed out, here is what she does to calm herself down.

3. The first time she met Maddie Ziegler was on the set of her "Chandelier" music video, after seeing her slay on "Dance Moms." And she's a super talented darling.


4. She LOVES Celine Dion.

5. She's bilingual (sort of). She knows a little Italian.


6. If she wasn't in the music biz, she would most definitely still be trying to make the world a better place by rescuing dogs.

7. Which is why the pet community adores her.

8. If you're wondering why she skips over a certain part while performing "Alive," here's your answer:

9. She owns a plethora of bows.

SiaPhoto: Getty Images

10. She would LOVE to work with Stevie Wonder. 

11. Sia's collaboration with Travie McCoy, "Golden," happened because he asked her to work with him.

12. Her favorite TV show right now is "Transparent." 

13. Sia makes singing sound easy, but hitting those high notes on "Chandelier," are still hard to pull off!

14. Sia's collab with David Guetta "Bang My Head" went through several different versions before it ended up as the song we know and love right now.

15. She uses an iPhone.


16. She worked with Britney Spears on THREE songs off Brit's last album Britney Jean


17. Her are her favorite music videos of hers:

18. Shia LaBeouf is her favorite actor. Hence why he ended up in her "Elastic Heart" music video.


19. "Cheap Thrills" is NOT a Shakira reject.

20. Here are the things that make her the happiest: 

21. At the end of the day, she likes to take her wig off. 

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