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Nate Ruess is getting ready to release his debut solo album Grand Romantic and perform his new music during his iHeartRadio LIVE show next week, and sat down to answer fans' questions during our iHeartRadio Facebook Q&A

We learned A LOT about Nate during the Q&A from facts about music music to what his favorite cereal is, and SO much more. 

Nate also just released his brilliant new music video for his single "AhHa." Check it out below:

Here are 32 things we learned about Nate Ruess from his iHeartRadio Facebook Q&A:


1. The song that bests describes Nate is "Grand Romantic."

"I would say the song 'Grand Romantic' because I'm a man of very few words in real life and I wish I was Van Morrison."

He's also probably a grand romantic himself. 

2. He can't dance.

"The 'Nothing Without Love' video was so heavy and I wanted to do something light. Also really wanted to dance in the video and since I can't dance, the best way to do so was to put my head on somebody."

3. His favorite song to perform off his new album is always changing, but right now it's "Take It Back."

"Right now it is 'Take It Back,' but favorite song is always changing."

4. His biggest pet peeve is being the first one out of the elevator.

5. He's a "Veep" and "Silicon Valley" fan. 

6. Nate didn't consider himself a true songwriter until about 10 years ago. 

"I didn't consider myself a songwriter until I was about 23. I didn't really write songs from the top down until then. That's when I knew - it was really exciting."

7. The coolest gig he's ever played is performing with Queen at our iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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8. His favorite animal is the otter, and his least favorite is the pterodactyl.

"That's a Jurassic Park 3 plug."

Pterodactyls are absolutely terrifying, though.

9. He hasn't read a book since 1992, and it was Catcher In The Rye.

catcher in the rye

10. His mother is proud and loves his song "Brightside."

"I would assume she likes 'The Gambler' but I asked my parents to come to the studio and she loved 'Brightside,' cuss words aside."

11. He has a Twitter account dedicated to his croissant.

But he's scarred for life after his croissant: "It was with your version of caviar and it was terrible. Swedish caviar ruined me on croissants."

12. If he could work with ANYONE dead or alive, he'd pick Mozart.

13. Geography is not his strong suit.

"I probably called Milwaukee 'Tuscan.'"

14. This is Nate's best random advice:

"Try not to eat before bed."

15. He's obsessed with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

16. The person who has impacted his life the most over the last few years is his girlfriend.

AW!! <3

17. His favorite artist at the moment is Tame Impala. 

18. He's a dog guy.

"All dogs are great dogs."

19. His parents weren't a fan of him going into music at first.

"They thought that I should not be making music and should be focused on school."

20. He loves to golf! 

"If I could golf all day, ever day, I would. It's been three months since I last week golfing so I'm kinda freaking out."

21. He wishes he could invent "an at home dry-cleaning machine (that actually works)."

22. He wrote a whole album about someone, and it's the most romantic thing he's done.

23. "Nothing Without Love" is about his "Lady friend." 

24. He has a pre-show ritual.

"We like to sing the bridge harmonies to 'What This World Is Coming To' and then we talk about what we expect of one another and the show. Then we stand around in a circle and rah rah."

25. If he could go on tour with anyone, it would be Bruno Mars.

"It would be so awesome to see him every night."

Solid choice.

26. He doesn't wear boxers OR briefs. 

Soooo, commando?

27. His favorite cereal is Captain Crunch -- "all day, everyday."

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28. He's never seen ET.

29. The most influential person on his career has been Van Morrison.

"He's a big reason why I just want to keep writing songs."

30. He decided to release his album on cassette because that was how he owned his first piece of music.

"Because the first piece of music I ever owned was either a Spin Doctors cassette or Arrested Development cassette."

31. His perfect pizza is this: "Pepperoni with a huge side of ranch and tabasco sauce."

32. Washington Square Park in New York City is his place to sit, look, and think.

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