DNCE took over the iHeartRadio Twitter account for our #TwitterTuesday Takeover, where they answered questions from fans from all over the world! During the takeover, we learned A LOT about the new band. From where they see themselves in 10 years to their favorite flavors of cake, the band did NOT hold back.


Here are 35 things we learned from DNCE's iHeartRadio #TwitterTuesday Takeover: 


1. The band's new EP is coming ... SOON! 

2. Here's why Joe didn't pursue a solo career: 


3. In 10 years, they will be performing in Mars .. underwater!

4. #NoNewFriends is not in their hashtag repertoire. 

5. They love smoothies! 

6. They know the answer to this age-old question .. but they'll never tell you! 


7. Here are their favorite flavors of cake each (Ya know, so you know which one to get them on their respective birthdays):


8. They have big dreams.

9. Don't invite them to scary movie marathons.

10. JinJoo loves being the only girl in the band. 


11. It's DNCE ... NOT DANCE. 

12. But here's how you actually pronounce it. According to ?uest Love.

13. Here's a little tip if you're struggling to say their name right:

14. And here's what they ALMOST named themselves: 

15. They're fans of fan art.

16. This is how the band is all united: 

17. Here are all of their respective celeb crushes: 

18. Cole was just born cool.

19. And the "J" in his name is just silent. 


20. Here's why Jack always has his shirt off:

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21. Their pre-show ritual includes this:

22. They all have a different color toothbrush. 

23. Here is why JinJoo always wears sunglasses: 

24. They had a lot of fun at our iHeartRadio Music Festival after party.

25. They are obviously huge Lion King fans.


26. It's GIF .. not JIF, people! 


27. They're fans are dedicated.

28. They're favorite movie right now is Straight Outta Compton.

29. Here is their ideal situation when it comes to pizza and tacos:


30. They all came together with the help of NASA.

31. They are basically the color pink. 


32. Here are their favorite animals.

33. Joe's mic and Cole's bass both have names.

34. Their "Cake by the Ocean" music video is delish.


35. They're pretty good at fitting four people in a selfie.

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