Making a Murderer is a national obsession—a riveting, visually stunning masterpiece of documentary filmmaking.

But it is also one of the more slanted, one-sided pieces of storytelling in recent memory, so Dan O'Donnell goes episode-by-episode through it to systematically dismantle the series' vague allegations of a conspiracy by the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department to frame Steven Avery in a 10-episode Podcast Rebutting A Murderer: Facts Proving Steven Avery is Guilty.

Here are 5 facts we learned from Rebutting A Murderer that were left out from the Netflix documentary.

1. Steven Avery specifically requested Theresa Halbach to come to his property to take pictures of the minivan

October 31 was not the first time Theresa had been to the Avery property. She had been there previously, and was weirded out by Steven Avery. On one visit he answered his door in nothing but a towel. Despite her request not to go back, Auto Trader magazine sent her anyway.

2. Avery had just purchased handcuffs and leg irons

The Netflix show spends a lot of time trying to convince the audience that Brendan Dassey's original confession was coerced, and they leave out much of the evidence that corroborates his story. In his confession he says that his Uncle had restrained Theresa to his bed. Making a Murderer leaves out the fact that Steven Avery had recently purchased leg irons and handcuffs, which he claims was to use with his girlfriend.

3. Steven Avery told prisoners of sickening plans

Making a Murderer tries to paint Steven Avery as a good guy, who could never commit a gruesome murder. But, the show left out what he told fellow inmates while he was wrongly jailed for 18 years. One time he told an inmate of his plans to build a torture room when he released, even going so far as to draw plans for what it would look like.

4. What really happened to the cat he threw into the fire

Making a Murderer briefly mentions a horrific incident prior to Avery being arrested and jailed in 1985; the burning of the family cat. The show paints this horrific incident as nothing more than some drunken guys doing stupid things. They left out the fact that before throwing the cat into the fire, the cat was doused with oil and gasoline and then thrown onto the fire while Avery laughed. 

5. Brendan Dassey's jeans had bleach stains

Brendan Dassey, whose bombshell confession helped the prosecution fill in many of the blanks they had regarding Theresa Halbach's murder. While Avery's defense lawyers and the show tried to discredit his confession, they leave out key facts that hurt the image of an innocent Steven Avery. One example of this is the fact that after he returned home, his jeans were covered in bleach stains. Why were his jeans covered in bleach stains? According to him, he was helping Steven clean the garage, the same garage where Theresa was shot and killed. 

These 5 facts are just a few of the details left out by Making A Murderer. To find out what else was left out listen Episode 1 of Rebutting A Murderer for free below.

Dan O’Donnell is a non-practicing lawyer and radio journalist at WISN, iHeartMedia’s News/Talk station in Wisconsin, who has a unique perspective on the case. Dan was assigned to cover Avery from his release in 2003 through his (and his nephew's) conviction in 2007. While he doesn’t make much of an appearance in the documentary, “Making a Murderer” has had a profound impact on Dan - particularly, due to its bias. And so, Dan is doing what any lawyer would do in the courtroom - rebut the case presented in the Netflix documentary.