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Jailhouse Blues

(NEWSER)– Today's this-must-be-Florida entry from the crime blotter comes from the city of Deltona, where police say a 500-pound man resisted arrest simply by sitting down and challenging deputies to move him, reports WKMG.

They did manage to get 45-year-old Howard Hendrix out of the house, but then ran into another obstacle: He was too big to fit in the patrol car. Solution? A police transport van was summoned and brought him to the Volusia County jail.

It gets a little stranger. When Hendrix's girlfriend originally called 911 to report that he was drunk and acting abusive, the dispatcher asked her for a description of his clothes, reports the Orlando Sentinel. "Right now he's not wearing anything," she replied. "He's nude?" asked the dispatcher. "Yes." Sure enough, Hendrix was naked when a deputy arrived, but he agreed to put on clothes. After being cuffed, however, deputies say he got belligerent and refused to budge. He's been charged with resisting arrest and battery, among other things.

Photo: Volusia County Jail

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