Calvin Harris released the music video for his current single, "How Deep Is Your Love." And while the superstar DJ/producer doesn't appear in the song's visual, Gigi Hadid is the stunning star -- who also just so happens to be one of girlfriend Taylor Swift's BFFs.

The "How Deep Is Your Love" video is filled with some trippy visuals, in a addition to a lot of dancing from Gigi. But we couldn't help but think after watching the full clip: WE WANT GIGI'S HAIR. Girlfriend was SERIOUS #HairGoals in this music video, and just to give you an idea of what we mean, we picked out six glorious hair moments below. T-Swift would be proud.

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Here are 6 times Gigi Was #HAIRGOALS in Calvin Harris' new music video:


1. When her long locks flowed in the breeze at just the right moment.

gigi 1

That side part, though. 👌

2. When she automatically had PERFECT mermaid waves.


3. When she emerged from the pool looking like ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.


This is the definition of expectations (Gigi) vs. reality (the rest of us).

4. When it dried into curls we can only dream of.

gigi 4

Ooh, yes. Rock that red lip, girl. 💋

5. When she rocked this little GLAM Old Hollywood look:


6. When she worked it in this beachy 'do.



Watch Calvin Harris' "How Deep Is Your Love" music video above!