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(NEWSER) – If it feels like deadly attacks by terror groups such as the Islamic State are in the headlines every day, new numbers from the Global Terrorism Index might explain why. The survey attributes about 18,000 deaths last year to terrorism, a rise of 60% from the previous year, reports the Guardian. Going back further to the days before the 9/11 attacks, the index sees a fivefold increase in deaths, from about 3,360 in 2000. Some facts and figures:

  • 5 countries: Iraq (6,362), Afghanistan (3,111), Pakistan (2,345), Nigeria (1,826), and Syria (1,078) account for more than 80% of deaths last year.



  • 4 groups: The Islamic State (or ISIS or ISIL), the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram are responsible for more than 66% of the deaths, reports the Washington Post.

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