presidential cookies

(WTAM) You may have heard of a straw poll, but have you ever heard of a cookie poll? That’s exactly what they’re doing this presidential campaign season at Kiedrowski’s Bakery in Amherst.

The Kiedrowski family came up with the idea of selling Polish shortbread cookies on which you’ll find photos of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich or Bernie Sanders. Each cookie has a different candidate’s photo on them, and each $1.50 purchase is a vote in Kiedrowski’s unscientific poll.

Michael Kiedrowski says they first did presidential cookies in 2008, selling cookies leading up to the general election with photos of Barack Obama on them.  In 2012, they also sold Sarah Palin cookies. The Palin cookies sold better than the Obama cookies, but as you may remember, the president was elected to his second term, defeating John McCain and running mate Palin.

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Photo: Tom Moore/WTAM 1100