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AC/DC's Angus Young wants to keep rocking. He tells ABC News Australia he still likes "picking up the guitar" and "banging out chords." Angus adds that he doesn't think of the new album, Rock Or Bust, as the band's swan song.  

And frontman Brian Johnson is glad the guitarist feels that way. He explains that he always felt the future of AC/DC was up to Angus, since with Malcolm Young's illness he's literally lost his brother from the band. Brian says he "would have understood perfectly" if Angus had told them he "can't do it without Malcolm," but "thankfully, he didn't." Brian adds that when the time came to make the decision, Angus was actually optimistic about moving forward with his nephew, Stevie Young, taking over for Malcolm. 

Johnson also says he has an understanding of what Stevie is experiencing in joining the group. He explains that he was in a similar position, signing on following the death of AC/DC's founding frontman Bon Scott. Brian recalls when he joined the group the rest of the band made him "feel welcome straight away," and he "didn't feel like an outsider just jumping in." He says they've been the same way with Stevie. 

Rock Or Bust is AC/DC's first album with Stevie, who'll also take part in the group's tour next year in support of the disc.