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It was a night of bleeps and beats as Afrojack, real name Nick van de Wall, took over control of the iHeartRadio Evolution launch party in downtown New York City. As he is nearing the end of the last leg of his North American JACKED tour, and having been voted in the top 10 of DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs poll, the Dutch producer/DJ gave an exclusive and intimate one hour set to a crowd of over 200 JACKED fans in New York's iHeartRadio Theater. Nick told us about his current tour and what the journey has been like:

"It's about having an experience. The most important thing to me is when the people buy the tickets, they don't go to see an awesome lazer show, but they come to have the party of their life."

The night kicked off with an opening set from Holland's Bobby Burns, a solid part of Afrojack's Wall Recordings, and helped set the tone of the evening as everyone was preparing to get JACKED. Before he could even get behind the decks, the crowd was chanting "Afrojack" as they waited patiently for him to do what he does best. 

After he began his set, Afrojack threw in an afro-classic, and one of his favorite tracks to play in his sets, "Bangduck." He told us, "It's basically my first number one on Beatport...To me it's the soundtrack of what I do, so I always play it as my intro...To me, when I play it in the intro, and the visuals come on, and everything goes crazy, to me, it's go time!"

Well go time it was, as the crowd was going crazy pumping their hands and glowsticks in the air. They were dancing and jumping, making the entire floor shake, as they heard some more Afrojack hits like "Take Over Control," his collaboration with NERVO, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike "The Way We See The World," and the vocals of Miss Palmer on his collaboration with Steve Aoki "No Beef," dropping into his brand new, just released track "Annie's Theme." The new track is also another one of the DJ's favorites, as he told us: 

"It's a really crazy track, with a really hard bass. Really crazy bleeps, like really signature my sound. But the second build up is so insane, it gets so big, and then everything just drops, and everything explodes. It's usually one of my favorite tracks to play."

Other songs heard during his set included and "Take Over Control" singer Eva Simons' "This Is Love," and Nari & Milani's dance floor destroyer "Atom."

But it wouldn't be an Afrojack set without his other big hit "Rock The House," and his collaboration with Shermanology "Can't Stop Me." The Dutch singers came with Afrojack to sing his dance floor smasher, also performing a brand new unreleased, song of theirs - rumored to be called "When You Are Around."

Afrojack ended his special set with a brand new remix of Keane's "Sovereign Light Cafe." If there is one thing to say about Afrojack, aside from his music, it's that his fans love him, and he loves his fans right back. At the end of the show he came to the very front of the crowd to thank them, shake some of their hands, and take a picture to remember the night:

After asking what he would like to say to his fans, he told us, "To all my fans, thank you very much, I love you a lot, and I love going to see you all over the world...I'm happy because I can share my music with you guys, and that's all I wanted to do in the first place."

Check out photos of Afrojack and the iHeartRadio Evolution launch party here.

Photo Credit Jeremy Haris and Lockerz