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Just when you thought Christmas was over, Afrojack has one more present for all of his fans. Maybe it's for Christmas, maybe it's for surviving the Mayan version of the Apocalypse, either way, it's something that fans have been salivating over for a long time - a preview of his album for 2013. On Christmas day (or in his case bleep-mas day maybe?), Afrojack shared the exciting news that he now has an official Soundcloud page to host all of his music.

Like that's not exciting enough in itself, among the classic afro-gems like "Bangduck,"Can't Stop Me," and "Take Over Control," and his newer creations like his remix of Psy's "Gangnam Style," a new track called "Rocker," and his latest, a remix of Keane's "Sovereign Light Cafe," is a preview of his long-awaited upcoming album for 2013.

In interviews throughout the year, Afrojack has been alluding to an album that has been in the works for a while. It looks like this will finally become a reality very soon! The new album includes the new track featured on his Soundcloud "Rocker," and a ton of brand new bleep-worthy signature Afro-style tunes. What is surprising though, is the appearance of a trap track or two. Certainly not what we've seen from Afrojack in the past, but is a great show of his versatility as a producer. 

Check out Afrojack's new material: 

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