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(NEWSER)– Though bad weather has been keeping divers from searching for the wreck of AirAsia Flight 8501, the head of Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency says "we will focus on underwater detection": An international team outfitted with acoustic equipment arrived today to help search for the black boxes belonging to the Airbus A320-200, which crashed and sunk off of Borneo on Sunday.

The Guardian reports that the math is working in the searchers' favor, as the plane crashed in shallow waters and the black boxes' beacons—as long as they're still functioning—have a range of about 6,500 feet to 9,800 feet.

On the surface, the recovery effort had its most successful day yet, with 21 of the 30 bodies recovered so far being pulled from the Java Sea today, the AP reports. An Indonesian navy official said some of the dead were still strapped to their seats.

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