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This year, in 2015, we were blessed with plenty of great music, and even a few comebacks (HELLO, ADELE). But as we approach 2016, I can’t help but think about other artists who we really need to hear from next year. This includes artists who have been working on and even teasing their albums but have yet to release them, as well as those who we just haven’t heard from in a while. Check it out:

1. Rihanna’s Anti

We know this album is coming soon … but WHEN?! WHEN BADGALRIRI?! RIhanna has been teasing the heck out of Anti, revealing the cover art, and having fans unlocking "rooms" online. Although we've already heard a few new tunes from the singer this year, the Navy is eagerly awaiting the full tracklist. But we may not have to wait too long, because with the "Anti Tour" kicking off in February, the album HAS to drop before that. Right?! All we know it's been nearly four years since Unapologetic … B*tch better have my Anti.


2. Kanye West's Swish

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Like Rihanna’s new album, we've heard some new music from Yeezy already this year. "All Day" is still the jam. But Kanye has been teasing his new album like crazy over the last year, and we still haven’t seen it yet. Granted he’s changed the name a few times, it seems he’s still working on it, recently tweeting, "DON’T ASK ME FOR ANYTHING TILL AFTER I’M FINISHED WITH MY ALBUM." We'll give him a break though because Saint West has finally arrived (he will likely be a source of new inspiration).

3. Lady Gaga

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Mother Monster was AMAZING in “American Horror Story: Hotel” and all, but … we want some new music now. Her Cheek To Cheek project with Tony Bennett was great for her, she has an outstanding jazz voice, but does anybody else miss The Fame Monster? Because I do. Lady G released her last pop album, ARTPOP, in 2013 -- nearly three years ago. Your Little Monsters want a new album Gaga!

4. Katy Perry

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Katy may have just finished up a huge tour this year, but the last time she actually released a new album was a few years ago in 2013. And we’re betting she’s found plenty of inspiration for songwriting just over the last year alone (ahem, Regina George in sheep's clothing). Whenever Katy does release her next album, we’re eager to hear how it sounds. Having hung around Diplo earlier this year, and having been to Burning Man as well, it would be interesting what influences the type of sound she’s working with. Left Shark demands it.


5. Frank Ocean's Boys Don’t Cry

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Frank. Where ya been?! His last album, channel ORANGE, came out in 2012, and his previous album coming out just a year before. In the spring of this year, Ocean posted a photo to his Tumblr of himself with two magazines. Part of the photo’s caption reads, "#ISSUE1 #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 #BOYSDONTCRY." And a rep for Frank confirmed to Billboard that he would release his third album AND his own magazine in July. Fast forward to today, and it’s December.

6. Lorde

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Lorde has been working on her sophomore album this year; the follow-up to 2013’s Pure Heroine. We’ve had “Yellow Flicker Beat” to hold us over until we finally get to hear her second album, but fans are very eager to hear what it sounds like. The singer/songwriter has cited Robyn and her hit “Dancing My Own” as inspiration while in the studio, which sounds really intriguing. Plus, we miss her dance moves.

7. Robyn

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Speaking of Robyn. The Swedish electropop goddess hasn’t put out a “Robyn” solo album since 2010! She released a collaboration EP with Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp in 2014, and another EP in 2015, Love Is Free, as Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique, but I’m dying to know what a solo Robyn album sounds like in 2016.

7. Gwen Stefani

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Now that we’ve heard “Used To Love You,” reportedly (and probably) about her breakup with Gavin Rossdale, we need to hear a full album. Gwen hasn’t released a solo album since 2006, and it seems that between her split with Gavin and her newfound romance with Blake Shelton, she has a lot to inspire new music.

8. Missy Elliott's Block Party

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Oh, hello there Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott. Nice to see you again! It all started with an appearance during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance, and now we have Missy’s new comeback song “WTF (Where They From),” which is downright AMAZING. And if this is the type of music she’s been working on since her last album The Cookbook in 2005 (which was released ten years ago!), I cannot wait to hear the rest. Missy revealed back in February that her new album is called Block Party, and that she had been working on it with Timbaland. So here’s to hoping now that it’s nearly 2016, we get an invite to the Block Party -- and soon.

9. Alicia Keys

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I know Alicia Keys doesn’t think she can just appear on “Empire,” giving us a taste of her beautiful voice, piano skills, and cool AF purple hair as Skye Summers, and then leave us hanging. Girl on Fire was released in 2012, and we are SO ready for the girl to make another record. Alicia has been working on her sixth studio album for a while now. In 2014, she revealed she was working with Pharrell on the record, with an intended release for this year in 2015. However, in the fall of his year, Alicia’s husband Swizz Beatz confirmed that the album would be out in 2016.

10. Martin Garrix

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The young producer/DJ has released some very catchy singles that have crossed over to pop radio. He released his collab with Usher this year called “Don’t Look Down,” and also revealed a collaboration with Ed Sheeran at Ultra Music Festival in March called “Rewind, Repeat it.” He’s said before in interviews that he’s working on an album, however, we have yet to hear it! We are ready when you are, Martin.


11. Bruno Mars

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We all know "Uptown Funk" was a HUGE success this year. But, technically, it’s a Mark Ronson song featuring Bruno. The insanely talented artist that is Bruno Mars last released an album, Unorthodox Jukebox, in 2012, but we are SO ready for more. Three years is too long when it comes to Bruno.

12. Kesha

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Kesha needs her freedom already, because we need another Kesha album. STAT. We miss you BB. <3

13. Zayn Malik

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After Zayn left One Direction and started working on his own solo music, fans have been anxious to hear what it actually sounds like. Considering he just recently called his former band, One Direction’s music "generic AF," we’re gonna go out on a limb and say Zayn’s album is going to be sounding a bit different.