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It's official: Summer is absolutely dunzo. And yet, we have to acknowledge the fact that it's been one scorching season with a ton of show stopping festivals, including NYC's one and only Electric Zoo 2015. iHeartRadio was on-site of the huge EDM celebration, and we want to reflect back on all the madness from that Labor Day weekend.

Not only did we chat with the men and women behind your favorite EDM bangers, but we also took them back to simpler times with a sheet of paper, markers and imaginations for a round of spirit animal drawings because, well, it only felt natural at a place like Electric Zoo.

Sit back and relax as you check out hand-drawn spirit animals from some of your favorite DJs including Ansolo, Pierce Fulton, Nervo and many more below.


Name: Pierce Fulton
Spirit Animal: Monkey
Reason: "I have a serious spirit animal because my grandpa was like one of my most favorite people ever and he used to call me monkey."
ICYMI: Pierce recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of "Kuaga" and told us that the first version of the track was called (get ready for it) … "Writing Sh*t." "It was simply just a test sort of. I still have the first file that is called 'Writing Sh*t' somewhere deep in my computer,” he admitted. Regardless of the title, it's still a jam. You can catch Pierce take the stage this Friday at TomorrowWorld. 


Name: Audien
Spirit Animal: Fish
Reason: "I grew up in Noank [Connecticut], you know? I grew up in the ocean and so like, fishing was a big thing for me. 'Cause my family was all about fishing and sport fishing."
ICYMI: Audien used to listen to Lady Antebellum when he worked in a candy store, so his idea to feature them on "Something Better" wasn't entirely that farfetched. "I caught 'em at the right time and, and they were super psyched. They jumped right in the studio," he told us. "Something Better" is featured on his Daydreams EP, which is currently available for sale.


Name: 3LAU
Spirit Animal: Bee
Reason: "It's my nickname from my girlfriend and I. Her answer would be more accurate than mine."
ICYMI: 3LAU spoke about his non-stop touring, but also shared a bombshell with us, admitting that he "never even necessarily wanted to be a dance musician." Even though he loves it now (and we love him for it), he'd also like to "make Radiohead music" one day down the line. For the time being, you can catch him on his just-announced fall tour.


Name: Ansolo
Spirit Animal: His dog ("Galo")
Reason: "He looks like a dinosaur. He's a lab, and he's like, white, yellow kind of lab and everyone always jokes that he's mean. He has like, my personality. He's super friendly to everyone…He is super loyal. He sticks by his friends."
ICYMI: Because of his film schedule, Ansolo admitted that he's had some major time in between shooting to work on his music. "This year on set, I probably made like, 6 new records,” he said. "For me, my days off have always been working on music. When I'm not working, I'm always working on music. I love it so much. It's my obsession." You can listen to the latest result of that love in the form of a new track called "To Life," which features Too Many Zooz.


Name: Borgeous
Spirit Animal: Hedgehog
Reason: "I'm not thinking of a real hedgehog, because he's slow as f*ck… But Sonic was always fast and going and you've got to go and you've got to keep going and the level keeps moving. That's how I am. I just keep going.”
ICYMI: With collabos from Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka Flame and Lights under his belt, Borgeous has created a name for himself by combining a variety of acts with his hard-hitting beats. As for his dream collabo, he'd like to team up with Chris Cornell. "I think that would be cool to collaborate with somebody in that world on something really cool," he added. Make it happen, Borgeous Army!


Name: Alex and Logan of MAKO
Spirit Animal: Triceratops (Alex), His old dog (Logan)
Reason: "It has one horn and is a baller and eats leaves and stuff." - Alex / "My old dog was my favorite thing of all time and she passed away." - Logan
ICYMI: Alex spoke pretty candidly about the inspiration behind their hit "Smoke Filled Room," confessing that the song is sort of inspired by his first serious girlfriend. "I've been with her for about two years," he said. "The song isn't about her but it was about a moment that I saw of her that inspired the whole thought of this song, which is watching somebody mature, especially a woman." You can catch the twosome on their Smoke Filled Room Tour, which plays shows until November

adventure club

Name: Christian and Leighton of Adventure Club
Spirit Animal: Simba (Christian), Sammy the Sloth (Leighton)
Reason: It's pretty apparent, right?
ICYMI: Adventure Club dished about their upcoming When Darkness Falls trek, admitting that they’ll be playing some cuts that they’ve never played before. "We're expecting our fans to come out. We're expecting them to know all of our music, so we can kind of go back [into] the entire catalog and play like older songs,” Leighton said. "That's [what] we're going to do with this tour. We're going to play a bunch of older songs .... like, there's a couple songs that we've never actually played live." Tickets for the trek are on sale now.


Name: Markus Schulz
Spirit Animal: Unicorn
Reason: "Because he is a naughty creature."
ICYMI: Markus recently filmed a video for his new track "Face Down" in Romania, and told us exactly why he was so pumped for the upcoming visual. "I think I'm very pleased and excited for everybody to see this video because it really shows [you] how the beautiful Romanian countryside," he gushed. "It's just so amazing. It was a lot of fun to do this video." His mix of the latest installment of Trance Nation will drop on October 2.

above and beyond

Name: Above & Beyond
Spirit Animal: Terrier (Jono), Bird (Paavo)
Reason: "I’d like to see the world through my dog's eyes." – Jono / "Things look beautiful from above." – Paavo
ICYMI: Even though their Catch Me If You Can-inspired video for "All Over The World" made major waves, Above & Beyond weren’t actually on board with it … at first. "It seems like a really bad idea when it was floated, but it actually went really well,” Jono Grant admitted. Their next project on their plate is the #ABGT150 live stream from Sydney, Australia.


Name: Nervo
Spirit Animal: Birdaroo (Liv), Sun Lion (Mim)
Reason: It’s just too good to explain. See photos.
ICYMI: We’re still jamming out to Nervo’s collabo with Kylie Minogue, but believe it or not, they weren’t entirely sure that their fans would enjoy it. "We thought that one particularly was just too poppy. When we released the album basically it got so much attention that we've now fast tracked it and made a video quickly, so we could release it,” Mim told us. "But we weren't planning to release it until way into the year." Peep photos from the set here.


Name: Le Youth
Spirit Animal: Darwin Fish
Reason: It represents "the truth."
ICYMI: Good news, Le Youth fans! Before the year wraps, he has plans to launch his own label to get music out faster. "I'm sort of setting myself up to be able to release stuff on my own while still releasing stuff for the label,” he admitted. In the meantime, check out his batch of just-released remixes and upcoming dates for his fall tour.


Name: Oliver Heldens
Spirit Animal: Wombass
Reason: Oliver told us that the "bassy wombat" was the perfect crossover between a mini-cute koala and big basslines. Yup, you read correctly.
ICYMI: Much like Le Youth, Oliver also has an interest in the whole label business and recently launched Heldeep Records. Not only will he use the platform "to push new talents," but it'll also be a platform for him to put out tracks that he specifically wants to play live. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ll be happy to know that Oliver recently teamed up with Tiësto for a new track. According to Instagram, it's "coming quite soon."

sam feldt
Name: Sam Feldt
Spirit Animal: Bird
Reason: "I think the feeling I want people to get when they listen to my music should be like a bird floating in the sky carelessly. Just observing, experiencing the Earth, and seeing everything."
ICYMI: After the success of his reinterpretation of "Show Me Love," Sam dished about his mindset when making the track. "It's such a classic. I just decided I'd make a new version. I don't want it to be anything like the classic because I don't want to touch it," he confessed. "You know, it's just [got] great lyrics, but I wanted to make it be a different song." If you're itching for more Sam, check him out on tour and get ready for the official release of his new collabo with Jasmine Thompson.


Name: Ferry Corsten
Spirit Animal: Seagull
Reason: "Always ready to adapt to water, air and land."
ICYMI: Not only did Ferry gush about his adorable new addition to the family, but the EDM heavyweight, who recently dropped his remix of Listenbee's hit "Save Me," was in good spirits after his set, which included cuts like "Homeward" and "Reborn."


Name: Ørjan Nilsen
Spirit Animal: Cat ("Tim")
Reason: "Cats are very independent."
ICYMI: Considering he recently posted a #TBT of him and Armin van Buuren, iHeartRadio just had to talk to him about the first time he met Armin at a party that Ørjan didn’t event play at. "It felt like a bit of a stalker moment when I found him and his wife and, uh, like, 'Dude I need a picture of you.'" Ørjan recalled. "We just started talking a bit and then he actually stayed for a while talking to me before he left. [Afterwards] I only talked to him through MSN, which was pretty funny as well."