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Ariana Grande describes how she “almost died” on the opening night of her "Honeymoon tour" in Kansas City, Missouri, in a newly posted video. The 21-year-old singer kicked off her concert tour on Wednesday when, during her performance of “Love Me Harder,” a mechanical lift malfunctioned, nearly crushing Grande.

Still shaken afterwards, in behind-the-scenes footage Grande tells her friends and backup dancers about her terrifying near-death experience. “Did you see that? I almost died, I almost died,” Grande says as a few dancers reenact what went wrong.

The singer was supposed to be lifted up into the air on a mechanical wooden lift but the board underneath her feet broke. “I’m about to crunched by mechanical, by metal sh*t and by wood and stuff,” Grande tells her entourage.

To keep herself from falling, Grande explains she grabbed onto a beam above her head as crew members rushed forward to help her onto the stage. Despite the harrowing ordeal, Grande still continued singing the words to “Love Me Harder.”

Fan shot footage of "Love Me Harder" from opening night captures a little bit of what happens. As Ari begins to sing the song, you can hear the mic being dropped, which is when she fell. She stops singing for only a moment, but gets right back to it! 

Check out the fan-shot videos below:

Watch the Ariana explaining her scary experience below (*Warning - Some explicit language):

Photo: YouTube