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Ariana Grande's been endlessly teasing new music via her social media for some time now, so news of her new holiday EP isn't a total surprise. Nonetheless, Arianators were happy to wake up on Thursday (December 17) to find the cheekily titled Christmas & Chill available on iTunes.

The set marks Ari's second holiday EP. In case you forgot, her first festive project, Christmas Kisses, dropped back in 2013 and included covers of classics like "Last Christmas" and "Santa Baby." However, this project is full of original material, so iHeartRadio decided to rank the songs on the 6-track EP (minus the intro) from worst to best. Take a look below!

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5. "Winter Things"

Leave it to Ariana to incorporate a ukulele onto the last song on her Christmas EP. To be fair, the tune is about her being in the 100 degree weather and pretending that it's icy cold because bae is in town and she wants to do some winter things. It's sort of clever, but just not as festive as some of the other cuts.

4. "December"

Ari plays up a naughty Santa on the bouncy R&B-tinged "December," where she vows to do whatever (and we mean whatever) is on her lover's list. It's plenty of naughty and just a little bit of nice, but sort of falls flat. Plus, it's not exactly the tune you want to play during Christmas dinner with the family. 

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3. "Not Just One For Christmas"

"Not Just One For Christmas" is the only twinkling ballad on Christmas & Chill and a promising moment on the collection where Ariana offers up some unconditional love no matter what day it is. It's full of classic holiday feels with the pint-sized darling delivering some gorgeous falsettos and cooing. It could almost be on a Disney princess holiday compilation, and we mean that in a good way. 

2. "True Love"

There are moments on Ari's EP when she finds stellar ways to balance festivity and her core R&B beats, and "True Love" is one example of that. If she didn't make so many Christmas mentions, it'd be good enough to include on Honeymoon. More of this and less of "Focus," babez

1. "Wit It This Christmas"

While Ari definitely lands on the naughty list for "Wit It This Christmas," the tune stands as the highlight cut on the EP with notably shout outs to all your favorite holiday treats. Milk and cookies? Check. Candy canes? Check. Gingerbread? Check. Are you wit it? Very much, Ariana. 

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