(NEWSER) – Seven armed US Marshals in combat gear showed up on the doorstep of 48-year-old Paul Aker's home Thursday in Houston, the New York Daily News reports. His crime? Failing to pay a $1,500 student loan he received in 1987. "I say, 'What is this all about?'" Aker recalls.

"They say, 'Shut up, you know what this is all about.' I don't have a clue." Aker claims he never got a notice or warning about the student loan. "It's out of control," he says. "What if they had seen a gun on me? They would have shot me for 1,500 bucks." Aker says he was tossed on the ground, thrown in a cell, and "lectured" by a judge. He's been ordered to pay the student loan plus interest—totaling $5,700—as well as $1,300 to cover the cost of his own arrest.

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