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(NEWSER) – Alex Rodriguez is in a heated battle with the cousin who once allegedly helped him take steroids, and that cousin's wife says A-Rod is an "evil" person who peed on a wall of their Miami house to mark his territory. "He peed outside on my wall, next to the pool. He didn’t ask for the bathroom. He go outside and he just pee right there. He came over, took his thing out and went right there," Carmen Sucart tells the New York Daily News.

She says the incident happened in the spring of 2012, when Rodriguez came to their home offering them $50,000 and an apartment if they signed a confidentiality agreement; Sucart refused. Her husband, Yuri, is a former baseball personal assistant who was banned by MLB after A-Rod's 2009 juicing confession. Rodriguez reportedly promised to employ him permanently to make up for it, but that was before the 2012 incident.

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