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Austin Mahone is recovering from a tonsillectomy. The pop singer went under the knife on Monday. On Sunday he tweeted:

On tonsillectomy day, Austin posted a photo to Instagram of himself before the procedure sitting in the doctor's office. He captioned the pic "HERE WE GO!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!"


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The 18-year-old let his followers know he was okay with another Instagram photo a few hours later, showing himself in a hospital gown mixing music on his laptop from his recovery bed.  He added, "The work don't stop." 

The work don't stop 🎹🎶

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Aside from music, his recovery process also included a "Friends" and "Family Guy" marathon!

Austin had his tonsils removed after spending the weekend celebrating the birthday of actress Hailee Steinfeld.  He was on the guest list for her star-studded party Friday, which also included the singer's ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony

Fun party last night :) @haileesteinfeld

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