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Avicii is starting 2013 off in a very big way. On January 9th he is making music history by lauching the world's biggest musical collaboration. How is he doing this you might ask? He is asking YOU to help him! But not just you, everyone around the world is being encouraged to submit a piece, which will be used into one monster tune for his project Avicii x You.

He says, "I've always been interested in new projects. This way I will get so many different ideas from so many different people. It's gonna be something I haven't tried before."

How does it work? Avicii has already posted a chord pregression so that producers and anyone who wishes to participate can download it and do their thing, before submitting their piece. Just visit to get started.

The producer/DJ expressed his excitement about involving so many people into one collaboration saying, "It will be just really cool to make a really good song out of so many people's different ideas, and still, not just making a song. Just actually trying to involve a lot of people that you can actually hear that a lot of people are involved. And the end result is something really good, that's my main ambition."

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