Walking With Dinosaurs Spectacular Launches At The O2 Arena


(NEWSER) – It must have been an amazing sight: Paleontologists now say that dinosaurs danced—with gusto. More specifically, they think that some male dinosaurs did so as part of a mating display to woo females, study authors say in a post at Phys.org. The evidence? Telltale scrape marks from claws etched into 100-milliion-year-old sandstone in Colorado, reports Discovery.

Some were more than 6 feet long, and researchers at the University of Colorado Denver ran through several possible explanations. Digging for water? Nope, it was plentiful in the area back then. Digging for food? Nope, these were meat-eating theropods not interested in roots. And then the scientists zeroed in on the similarity to a mating ritual of modern birds known as "nest scrape display," reports Live Science.

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Photo: Getty Images