(NEWSER) – If a bartender messes up an order, leaving without tipping is usually the standard response. But for bar patron Monte Hanson, 59, leaving a poor tip apparently wasn't going to cut it. The AP reports that Hanson apparently became enraged at bartender and neighbor Joe Lewis after Lewis made Hanson's drink—a "red beer"—with Clamato rather than regular tomato juice on Friday night at a Montana bar.

Hanson claimed drinking Clamato (a tomato juice/clam broth combo) was against his Jewish faith, and he allegedly told a neighbor he planned on retaliating against Lewis for the mistake. After his shift ended in the wee hours of Saturday, Lewis went home and took his dog outside. That's when Hanson allegedly opened fire on the bartender—striking Lewis once, and killing Lewis' dog, Jackson, in the process.

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