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(NEWSER) – What is it about Daniel Norris that would prompt ESPN the Magazine to anoint him the "most interesting pitcher in baseball"? It probably has something to do with the 21-year-old rising star living in a beat-up VW camper he calls Shaggy in a Walmart parking lot during spring training in Florida. That's not because of money—the Toronto Blue Jays gave him a $2 million signing bonus. It's because "he has always lived by his own code," writes Eli Saslow.

Norris lives as simply as he can, and even with that big account, he worked 40 hours a week at an outdoors shop in his home of Johnson City, Tenn. He doesn't drink, has never tried drugs, avoids TV, loves solo hiking adventures, and keeps a thought journal he writes in at night with the aid of a headlamp.

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