Six Killed In Shooting Spree In Kalamazoo, Michigan


(NEWSER) – Could faster action from Uber have stopped the Kalamazoo rampage? The company has admitted it received a complaint about driver Jason Dalton hours before Saturday's mass shooting and failed to act on it, the Guardian reports. Passenger Matt Mellen may have been present at the moment the alleged gunman snapped: Mellen tells WWMT that after receiving a phone call, Dalton started driving like a maniac, sideswiping cars and running stop signs.

Mellen called both 911 and Uber after jumping out of the car and running away. An Uber spokesperson says the complaint fell "into the back bucket" because the feedback wasn't prioritized and the company prefers to speak to both sides instead of automatically deactivating drivers over complaints about erratic driving. Dalton, however, wasn't contacted after the complaint, according to the rep, who says it would have been very different if there had been a "whiff of violence." It's not clear what action police took after the 911 call from Mellen. Other developments:

  • Police say the first victim, a woman who was shot three times and survived, "sensed trouble" and sent her children inside when Dalton turned up outside her apartment complex on Saturday, the New York Daily News reports. Witnesses tell WWMT that before opening fire, Dalton asked: "Have you seen Mazie?" 
  • Uber security chief Joe Sullivan says Dalton, 45, was cleared to be a driver on Jan. 25 after passing a security check, the AP reports. He says that after around 100 rides, he had a rating of 4.73 out of five stars. "No background check would have flagged and anticipated this situation," he says.

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