In a new interview with Beat magazine, Beyonce discusses her pizza preferences, Halloween costumes and what song is stuck in her head.

This might not sound like a big deal, but Queen Bey has been giving print outlets the silent treatment for nearly two years. Besides a fun and patriotic photo shoot where she rocks a white Beat jumpsuit, rides a bike in the Hamptons and holds a chicken (really!), she answered a few questions so we can get to know her better.

  • What does fear taste like? “Success. I have accomplished nothing without a little taste of fear in my mouth.”
  • Favorite kind of pizza? "Extra tomato sauce and jalapeños."
  • Last song stuck in her head? “Jugg by Fetty Wap."
  • Which era Beyoncé would make the best Halloween costume?Destiny’s Child Survivor era with the army fatigues. Or maybe Bootylicious with the gold tooth and pink tips in my hair.”
  • What song does she sing in the shower? “'Holy Ghost’ by Kim Burrell
  • Does she Netflix or does she chill? “Netflix and chill.”

Photo: Getty Images