ski rap at fenway

(WXKS)Ask any Bostonian, and they’ll tell you that there’s something ‘wicked huge’ looming over the Fenway Park area this week. That’s because the historic ballfield will play host to Olympic skiers and snowboarders, all launching themselves down a 140-foot ramp at center field.

The ramp, which is three times taller than the iconic Green Monster, will be the main attraction at the “Big Air at Fenway” event, taking place on Thursday and Friday. It’s part of the U.S. Grand Prix tour, sanctioned by the International Ski Federation, and it brings with it a $150,000 prize purse.

Nick Goepper, three-time X Games gold medalist and Olympic Bronze medalist in freeskiing, sat down with Matty in the Morning on Kiss 108 FM in Boston to talk about the upcoming event:

Check out some awesome pictures and a timelapse of the massive ramp being built at WXKS

Photo: iHeartMedia Boston