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Bret Michaels is refusing to take it easy, even after a series of medical emergencies in recent weeks. The rocker's guitarist Pete Evick shared in a Facebook post Monday that Michaels has been in and out of the hospital over the past few weeks for a series of health setbacks. 

Evick says although Michaels had to miss an October 30th show in Champaign, Illinois for kidney complications brought on by his diabetes, he "managed to bust out of the hospital" and get to Memphis just minutes before their Halloween night performance at a tailgate party for the Memphis Tigers.  He says even though Michaels made it through the show, he injured himself the following night and required further medical attention when he started bleeding out on his tour bus.  Michaels was apparently rushed to ER where two stents were removed.  

Despite the setbacks, Evick says Bret "continues to be steadfast in his dedication to bring the music to the people," adding, "He truly has to be held down to not perform."  Earlier this year the Poison frontman had to be treated by paramedics during a show.  In recent years he's had an emergency appendectomy, heart surgery and recovered from brain hemorrhaging. 

Check out Pete Evick's full post below:

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