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With Thanksgiving on our doorstep, Bret Michaels is revealing what he's thankful for.

The rocker says he's "grateful for every second" he's alive and kicking. The rocker says in a new Facebook message that his seemingly reckless behavior -- defying doctor's orders, refusing to cancel shows, and performing within days of having surgery -- isn't a "death wish" but actually "quite the opposite."  He explains that it's a testament to how much he loves life, and the "passion" he has to play music.  

The Poison frontman admits he's experienced two "serious" medical ordeals this year, but says they were "more publicly noticeable" since they both occurred when he was touring. He adds that he's on the road most of the time, with "well over 200" dates a year, and he feels "blessed" that he can maintain such a schedule. 

Bret extends his thanks to his fans for all their concern, and to "the several emergency rooms and their staff" who have cared for him in recent weeks. He also says he is taking care of himself. 

Michaels explains that he had "a complete check up" this week, and he's "almost recovered from this recent kidney episode." He adds that he's "taking all of your advice," adjusting his schedule, and making "some serious health and life changes."  But the singer insists he has "a whole lot of fight left" in him, and he plans to "continue to give all" for as long as he can. 

Check out the full Facebook post below:

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