(NEWSER) – Fed up with the disappearance of many mom and pop shops on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, two regular customers of Jesse's Deli, a bodega run by Jesse Itayim, are trying to help this one stay.

After learning that the shop might have to move now that the landlord is trying to raise the rent from $4,000 to $10,000 a month, Tommy Noonan and Douglas Cameron decided to use their marketing skills, and a little "prankster activism," to raise enough money to help the owner stay, reports Gothamist. TheBrooklyn Paper reported on the duo's first stunt, in June, which saw them rebrand the store's goods in an "artisanal takeover" meant to show what type of shop could afford such a rent (one that sold $5.99 "Hand-Cured Salami Tubes"—also known as Slim Jims).

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