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(NEWSER)- One stick in the thigh with a bull horn wasn't enough to stop Spanish bullfighter Torero Jiménez Fortes.

One of three matadors gored at an event last year, Fortes, 25, is in serious condition after he was again gored at the Feria de San Isidro bullfighting festival—this time in the jugular, reports Deadspin, which has graphic photos. He left the ring with his hand pressed to his neck. A surgeon says he suffered two wounds, including one more than five inches deep that damaged the carotid artery and touched vertebrae. "He said 'give me a couple of stitches and I will go out and kill the bull,'" the surgeon tells Spanish paper El Mundo, per the Telegraph. Instead, Fortes headed to an intensive care unit, where he is said to be recovering.

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