The National Weather Service is calling the snowstorm that's battering the East Coast the largest since 1869.  More than 25 inches of snow have fallen in most places.  There are record-breaking totals in the Baltimore and Washington, DC areas.  New York City's Central Park fell one-tenth of an inch shy of setting a snowfall record. 

Following the historic snowfall, the cleanup begins today.  Crews are out in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City to help dig out of more than two feet of snow.  Some areas reported over 30 inches of powder.  At least 19 deaths have been blamed on the weather and now attention turns to possible flooding.  There are also widespread power outages from the storm. 

Travel bans are starting to expire as the East Coast though officials are still urging people to avoid driving.   More than two feet of snow fell in most areas with some regions seeing over 30 inches.  At least 19 deaths are being blamed on the weather, with many of them related to issues stemming from shoveling snow.

With snow piling up on the East Coast, airports are feeling the impact even beyond today.  More than 8500 flights were cancelled this weekend and now over 600 additional flights scheduled for Monday have been scrapped.  The majority of the newly cancelled flights were scheduled to fly into Washington, DC, New York or Philadelphia.  Runways at DC's Dulles International Airport and Reagan National are expected to remain closed today for snow removal. 

Flooding is also a major concern this morning.  Tides were already running higher than normal this weekend with a full moon, and winds coming off the Atlantic Ocean have worsened the problem.  The New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland shores are getting the worst of it.  In Ocean City, Maryland, a support structure for the popular fishing pier gave way Saturday and dove into the sea. 

Photos: Getty Images