The best line of the GOP undercard debate came right at the start from  former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. In her opening she took shot at Bill and Hillary Clinton saying 'unlike another woman in this race I actually love spending time with my husband.'

The rest of lower-polling Republican presidential candidates spent their time trying to gain traction. Huckabee said President Obama seems to be more interested in protecting Islam than in protecting the U.S.  Huckabee slammed Obama's leadership in the fight against terrorism.  Santorum warned about a devastating terror attack on America's electric grid. Santorum argued that the Defense Department needs to play more offense.  He said U.S. enemies need to know they will pay a steep price if they "mess with America."  

Fiorina said America must lead on the world stage, and when it doesn't, the world is a more dangerous and tragic place.  Huckabee said American troops should only be involved in the Middle East if it's in the name of preventing the advance of radical Islamic terrorism.  Huckabee said the role of the military isn't to help struggling people, it's to kill America's enemies and make the U.S. a safer place.  All three candidates argued that they are best-suited to take on Democrat Hillary Clinton in the general election.    

The GOP hopefuls criticized President Obama's recent executive actions on guns.  Fiorina called it lawless and remarked that the Constitution doesn't allow him to do something that can't pass through Congress.  She stressed that the gun control laws that already exist need to be enforced, and more laws aren't needed.  Huckabee denied the existence of what's been called the "gun show loophole."  He insisted that he has purchased firearms from gun shows, and there's always a significant level of paperwork and background checks involved.  

Photo: Getty Images