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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were back at it again this year. The dynamic duo is known for their comedy while hosting the CMAs every year, and 2014 was certainly no exception. During their opening remarks, they poked fun at everything and everyone from Taylor Swift to Ebola, Obama ... even Renee Zellweger! 

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After #BradBlewIt and revealed the sex of Carrie's baby (it's a boy!), they moved on to a topic that has been plaguing (see what we did there) America recently: Ebola. They even touched on the nurse Kaci Hickox (who was placed in quarantine for three days after returning from treating Ebola in Sierra Leone, despite testing negative). They parodied Dolly Parton's iconic "Jolene," and sang lyrics that included "What part of stay inside/don't you understand." The name of the parody song? "Quarantine" of course.  

One big difference between this year's CMAs and every other was that Taylor Swift was not an attendance. Her full-fledged pop transformation has been a topic of conversation in the country music community, so naturally Brad and Carrie brought it up. Only they called it a "very serious issue" and called it "Post-Partum Taylor Swift Disorder" or PPTSD for short - which apparently President Obama doesn't care about according to Brad.

PPTSD even inspired another song from the CMA hosts. They sang "New York's gain is Nashville's loss / Country music is just gonna have to shake it off." HA!

Don't worry though, it was all in good fun. Brad wished Taylor all the best and said "If you ever want to come back, there's a seat for you."

Rennee Zellweger got thrown into the mix when the two poked fun at her and the recent controversy surrounding the photos of the fresh-faced actress. Carrie and Brad suggested that if she was at the CMAs, no one would know. As they put it, she's a "master of disguise."

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