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Carrie Underwood's pregnancy won't be overlooked at next month's Country Music Association Awards. 

The event's head writer, David Wild, is thrilled to have that life event to work with.  He tells Nashville's Tennessean the singer -- who's co-hosting the ceremony -- "provided a huge spark" by "getting knocked up."  He explains that his job now is to find "a balance of how much we want to go there versus what she'll put up with." 

CMA Awards Executive Producer Robert Deaton admits they don't want to cross the line, and believes it's important to "have manners."  He adds that with every topic they tackle, he hopes their comedy "doesn't ever come across as mean." 

The 48th annual CMA Awards will mark the seventh consecutive year Carrie has joined Brad Paisley as the event's hosts.  The ceremony will take place in Nashville, and air on ABC on November 5th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. 

Photo: Getty Images