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(NEWSER) – Dealing With Ebola 101: Don't go out for takeout while quarantined, don't take a commercial flight if you're at risk of having the virus, and maybe cut down on the protective gear you're wearing if you're a health care worker—wait, what? The CDC head is now mentioning a new possible "protocol breach" in regard to the two nurses who contracted Ebola from Thomas Duncan, saying that health care workers may be unintentionally creating greater risk of getting infected by doubling up on protection.

"These are good, dedicated people who … were trying to protect themselves better, but in fact by putting on more layers of gloves or other protective clothing, it becomes much harder to put them on, it becomes much harder to take them off," Thomas Frieden said yesterday, as per the AP. "And the risk of contamination during the process of taking these gloves off gets much higher. That's true for several different areas of the body."

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