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Shake off the bad times, delete that former flame from your phone and say hello to the New Year. We have officially stepped our way into another calendar year, and 2016 is all about embracing a fresh new start. 

iHeartRadio always serves up the latest in music news, but we wanted to know what the New Year had in store for some of the biggest chart-toppers, so we, naturally, turned to the practice of tarot card reading and met up with self-proclaimed "intuitive artist and priestess" Molly Burkett at her home in Brooklyn, New York to get insight on your favorite musicians.

Helming from the Midwest with just $300 dollars, Burkett, who specifically practices "present moment tarot," received her first tarot deck when she was just 15-years-old from her mother and found her own present day path due to her initial interest in psychology.

"It's about looking into the present moment, and how it's going to serve you, and how it's going to take you into the future," she told iHeartRadio. "We treat tarot like a GPS. It can tell you how to get somewhere you want to go, but it's not going to tell you whether or not you should go to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) today. . . .So much of my work is just the mind/body awareness. If you're around someone, and all of a sudden you get heated, and there's a lump in your throat and stuff, you have to pay attention to that response."

With the Starchild Tarot (and some nifty crystals and candles) by her side, Molly offered iHeartRadio with some insight on what 2016 could mean for eight particular stars, including Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, by visualizing and meditating on general questions. 

Check out our celebrity tarot-scope readings for 2016 below!

justin bieber

Justin Bieber

Tarot Card: King of Crystals

What's the energy surrounding Justin Bieber's inner journey in 2016?

"I feel like King of Crystals is really interesting because it's actually about material wealth and material success, but we asked about his inner journey. I think there is an authenticity in what he's doing and that for him [is] his purpose right now. . . .I wouldn't be surprised if he actually starts working more in a charity capacity and kind of starting his own foundation and things like this. We asked about the energy around his inner journey, and there's a sense of completion and success. He kind of did all introspective working with feeling the feels and working with the lyrics and doing this, and now it's his time to kind of shine or share it with the world, or bask in the success. He's also juggling a lot of different projects. There's like 8 different moons in his hand, but I think that his approach is that his heart is in it. His heart wasn't in it for a couple years, and now he's come back and reinvested and I think his heart is in it." 

britney spears

Britney Spears

Tarot Card: Three of Cups (Reversed)

How is Britney Spears making strides to recapture her inner muse and her creative impulse?

"She made a decision actually to return to her health and actually do a lot of healing. There's still actually a lot of healing energy around her in terms of detox and rejuvenation and purification from a lot of the kind of stuff that she's put herself through, and getting sort of a renewed sense of clarity about who she really is. . . .The Three of Cups reverse is usually about re-thinking our crowd and re-thinking our friendships, and re-thinking our community, and the cups is associated with emotions and also heart-centered inspirations, and so forth. 

For her, it's a simple card, that means in this moment her muse is going through a process of clearing the well. She doesn't quite have access to her most creative ideas, but she's doing the work to clear the channels to receive them. She's actually probably having to say 'no' a lot, and to protect her energy a lot from the [Vegas] atmosphere, which can be a little debaucherous, and like live for the moment. For her, I feel from December to January going into 2016, she's probably taking inventory of her friendships and that there might be some that she lets go of in the next year, and she'll start to really really focus on having only just a very select group of people around her that really want what's best for her."

kanye new

Kanye West

Tarot Card: Ten of Swords (Reversed)

What is the highest lesson Kanye West can learn with the addition to his family?

"We have Ten of Swords reversed, and this is actually a really incredible card. Often times, we see this card and we get a little bit like (gasps) because it's a little bit dark. We see this sort of figure in retreat and just going inside and there's a little bit of isolation around her, but the Ten of Swords is actually associated with karma.

He has some karma to work out with this new soul. Probably his son has known him before. They've known each other before in some other context. Maybe they were brothers or his son was his father or something like this, but the Ten of Swords reverse actually means the clearing of karma. He might have challenges with his son as issues with his father are brought, as issues of manhood and what it means to him are brought up. He'll be forced to really look in the mirror with this one, more than he did with his daughter. With his daughter, it was actually a little bit easier, he's a little bit more confident with a little girl. But with a little boy, he actually has to look at himself in the mirror, and he's going to have to do a lot of actually healing on his own about his own childhood, and his own sort of right of passage about boyhood into manhood. It's going to be really intense but really really healing for him to learn that."

iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea

Tarot Card: Two of Wands & Page of Crystals

What can Iggy Azalea do to come into alignment and balance in the new year?

"Two cards wanted to be pulled for Iggy. We have Two of Wands and Page of Crystals. This is great. This is actually sort of back to square one. Page of Crystals is the student, the apprentice, the intern, who is just like ready to work and ready to learn. It's actually a great time for her to learn new skills. I wouldn't be surprised if we see her toe-dipping into something a little bit new like acting or some other sort of realm of performance or kind of collaboration. The Two of Wands [is prevalent] especially with different collaboration opportunities. . . .If she's been sort of hitting a brick wall with what she's been [doing in the] past with recording and performing, then this indicates that in the New Year, she's going to benefit a lot and get a new perspective on herself through different collaborations.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see her doing something different with a different mode of entertainment. Also just entrepreneurship in general, just business in general. Page of Crystal again [is] associated with material success and material wealth, and opportunities in the physical plane, so this can be something like a fashion line, a perfume representation, something like this. I wouldn't be surprised if she shifts into a different mode of self-expression, but also more of a business entrepreneurial end that's more about project-based and branding. . . .It'll be something new for her, but also something to help her get her groove back and have some fun again, and sort of start from square one. Both the Page and the Two are sort of the beginning and a fresh start."

zayn malik

Zayn Malik

Tarot Card: Eight of Crystals

What does Zayn Malik need to focus on to find inner peace with his former One Direction bandmates?

"He learned all that he could and he could've stayed there if he wanted to, and done it for longer, but his higher self, his spirit, really wanted to go towards something more, and to go towards the next challenge, and the next opportunity for growth. If we're not being challenged, if we're not having our fears stoked a little bit, then we're not growing. He sort of moved towards his fear a little bit and made a difficult decision to move up in a way and kind of go off on his own. It was a very emotional decision for him, but I think that the guys in One Direction are actually overall pretty laid back guys when it comes down to it, and they actually have a really solid friendship. I don't believe that in their hearts there's any kind of animosity towards him at all. I think that they wish him all the best and there's a really powerful, almost child-like companionship among them that people can sense, you know? . . .He's probably received an advance, got the contact, all is set. He already knows he's either going to work with a producer he's already met.

The energy around success and collaboration is positive for that. All he needs to do is just put in the time. I don't know if he's already recording or what's going on, but that's what I keep coming back to, is that he just [needs to] go and sit and put in the time and effort. He has a backlog of ideas. It's just a matter of him sitting down and carving out. . . .The 8 of Crystals just means slow and steady work. As long as he can just stay. All he just needs is focus and consistency over the next year. It's a little bit of the sort of tortoise versus the hare. Instead of going out and being really splashy and duh duh duh, he's just going to be really focused on the task at hand and really focused on his work."

mariah carey

Mariah Carey

Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune

How can Mariah Carey make sense of all the stuff that's happened in the past year and come home to herself?

"The Wheel of Fortune is associated with the hands of fate and destiny and luck and all these different things. It is a really strong lesson to take the good with the bad. It is associated with karma. The Wheel of Karma is sometimes what it's called. Some readers of these will explain that any negative or challenging or unpleasant experiences that we have are a result of past karma, or a result of really deeply internalized kind of negativity and negative thinking and so forth. I feel like she's more than strong enough to take the good with the bad. She's been around long enough to understand the way that media goes in waves and things like this. . . .The keyword for Mariah in 2016 is center [and] to come back to her center. Where is her center when things are sort of chaotic and crazy? She has the capacity to be just really spontaneous and adventurous and not really have necessarily any specific expectations except to just be in the life that's comfortable and full of beauty and luxury.

I don't know if you ever saw her MTV "Cribs," but it's like all velvet and heart-shaped. Very lavish. She's total, like, total goddess, just really wants to be surrounded by beauty and sensuality and so forth. In the end, I don't think she really takes any kind of threats about her descent into irrelevance seriously because she has the capacity to really just come back to what makes her happy, which is just living a life that's really comfortable and artistic and beautiful.The Wheel of Fortune marks the halfway point between our experience of coming into ourselves and really figuring out who we are and then our experience of really embracing our spirit and coming into our higher selves and really evolving in a deeper way.

She has an opportunity to really evolve in a really really much deeper way in this coming year, where she's had the marriage, she's had the kids, she's had material success. Okay, what's next? If that's all we were suppose to learn in life then people would just be done when that [happens]. But we know that life doesn't end when you sort of tick off all these boxes. For her, her opportunity to kind of come back to herself and to have an authentic experience, and stay in alignment, is really about coming to terms with what is and circumstances, but not really being, not attaching to them. The lesson of the Wheel of Fortune is you are not the sum of what happens to you."



Tarot Card: Seven of Cups

What's the energy surrounding Rihanna's new album?

"I just get the feeling that she's sort of riding a wave of emotions, which means that she's just going to be a little bit impulsive, and kind of like 'Today I want to go to New Zealand and do this,' and 'Today I want to ride a camel,' and 'Today I want to go to the Caribbean Islands' or whatever, and I feel like she just might be feeling a little bit emotionally unpredictable and just flow-y and not super tied down to one thing.

With this new album, I don't know what phase it's in, but she's probably just having a hard time making decisions. There's just a level of indecisiveness, and I don't think that there's any kind of intentional manipulation going on, but she's probably saying something like 'Hey I'm still here, like I'm working on it,' but you know ... She wants it to be good and she wants it to be an authentic experience. 7 of Cups is often associated with dreaming and fantasizing as well as building castles in the sky. Sometimes it can be a sign of being overwhelmed with possibilities and having so many choices. Too many choices. She just has some editing to do, some kind of focus to do. . . .That's where it's at, and so there might be so much that's been put onto this project, but it's starting to like lose that little bit of umph and fire, so she's got to do something to get her fire back."

sam smith

Sam Smith

Tarot Card: The Tower

How can Sam Smith improve himself in the New Year in regards to love?

"We have the Tower. The Tower is associated with Kundalini awakening, with spiritual awakening, as well as just a complete head-to-toe reconstruction of self, actually. What this means in terms of his love life is that he's probably like most dreamy, emotional artists. It's what inspires him of his great. You write a song like 'Stay With Me' because you're a bleeding heart, a feeler. You know?

He has a lot of constructs built up around the dream partner, but more so around himself as the ultimate self. He has to be the best version of himself to be with the dream partner. I think a lot of people do this. They want this dream partner that can really bring out the best in them and stuff when ultimately we're our own dream partners. Only you can really bring out the best in you. . . .I would imagine that he's going to go through a little bit of a transformation, but it might not be visible at first because it's going to be happening from the inside out. He's going to really question his values and question his ideals and his limitations, and his rules. Any kind of rules, or ideas he has around love, and around himself, and what would make him perfect or ideal, and all that kind of stuff. . . . What he's seeking is a really deep love. He's seeking heart and soul, the sun, the moon, and the stars love, but to get to that degree with someone, he really has to show his whole self, which he's not quite ready to do. If he wants that kind of deep love, he has to totally let all of his guard down totally and really let someone in."

molly burkkett

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Photo: Getty Images/Starchild Tarot