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(NEWSER) – A man openly touting his brand-new handgun in Oregon—an open-carry state—had the weapon stolen from him at gunpoint at about 2:30am Saturday, the Oregonian reports via Mediaite. Police say William Coleman, 21, was hanging with his cousin on a street in Gresham when a young man walked up asking for a cigarette.

The visitor inquired about the new gun, a black Walther P22 semi-automatic, then pulled a gun of his own. "I like your gun," he says. "Give it to me." Coleman reportedly concurred, and the guy ran off. Police are now looking for a 6' 1" man with wavy hair, a small goatee, "and a trickster spirit," quips Mediaite. Coleman's Walther probably ran him about $380, CBS News notes.

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