If you used Facebook this year odds are your newsfeed was filled with posts about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. The US Presidential Election, despite not happening until 2016, was the most talked about topic on Facebook this year. Once the voting starts in 2016, you can expect to see even more politically themed posts.

The 2nd most talked about topic was the terrorist attack that rocked Paris on November 13. Here's the full list of the top ten most talked about news stories on Facebook this year:

1. US Presidential Election

2. November 13 Attacks in Paris

3. Syrian Civil War & Refugee Crisis

4. Nepal Earthquakes

5. Greek Debt Crisis

6. Marriage Equality

7. Fight Against ISIS

8. Charlie Hebdo Attack

9. Baltimore Protests

10. Charleston Shooting & Flag Debate

Facebook also ranked other topics. You can read about the Top 10 Entertainers of the Year here.

To create this list, Facebook analyzed all posts made between January 2015 and December 2015. 

Photo: Getty Images