Five People Shot, Including An Infant, On Chicago


(NEWSER) – A father of three shot dead as he left a New Year's Eve party is just one of 51 people killed in Chicago this month in the deadliest January the city has seen since at least 2000, the earliest year for which public statistics are available.

The number of homicides (which includes three beating and stabbing deaths) is similar to what's typically seen during the summer, when violence peaks, and the total number of people shot in January—242, per the AP— was more than twice that of last January. The last year Chicago saw more than 500 homicides was 2012, and the number of shootings this January was almost 60% higher than that seen in January 2012. But, the Chicago Tribune notes, that's still a far cry from "decades ago when homicides sometimes exceeded 900 in a year."

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