chris brown

Chris Brown says he didn’t do it. He denies stealing the hit song “Don’t Wake Me Up” and says he’s never even heard of the woman who’s accused him of being a thief.

Bossip reports that Nayeri Gregor, who makes music under the name Nayri, has filed a federal suit against Breezy, his label and producer Benny Benassi, accusing them of stealing her music. She says back in 2009, she wrote the song Brown would rip off three years later. She then played it for a producer she met, who she says memorized the song then replayed it for Brown and Benassi as his own.

Gregor says Brown’s version uses her song’s title, and shares similar lyrics, structures, beats and hooks. She’s looking for $150,000 for each infringement, along with other damages for the alleged theft. Chris's attorneys want to know why she waited so long to make the accusation. 

Photo: Getty Images